Hi, I’m Andrew.

I have always been interested in the world of technology, technology in the broadest sense as those techniques, skills and methodologies which can produce an enrichment of our lives. Thomas Edison has been a “hero” since childhood both because he so expanded the technological world in so many dramatic and inventive ways but also because he did so with a love of life and a quest for knowledge which would improve and enlarge the lives of others.

While a computer art major in college, I sought to merge the technical skills I learned with the creative side of human nature. Yes, it’s mind boggling when one thinks of the development of the computer and the internet in only the last few decades. But, how we use that vast extension of the human mind is as important as the technology itself. The Greek roots of the word technology have to do with art, skill & craft—not only how we can do things better but how we can seek to create a better world: more attuned to human needs, lifting up the less fortunate, and building a world of greater ethical and moral values.

Some might contend that we are defined by our work. However, I would add that we are defined both by our work, especially our chosen profession, but also by our “play.” By play I mean what we do as we work and what we do when we are not actually working but yet still productive and learning.

My resume attempts to underscore my years of experience in the administration, management, support, sales, and training of enterprise IT operations and the varied relationships I have experienced with my co-workers and the public I have served. My current position with Jamf has continued to expand my skills and knowledge base which, to some extent, I never imagined. Mentoring IT administrators, automating processes and advising on integration solutions and deployment strategies to educational institutions and large enterprise organizations.


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